Custom Versus Spec: How These 2 New Home Types Compare

The idea of purchasing a new home that has never before been lived in is one that is increasingly popular among today's homebuyers. But these prospective buyers may not fully understand the different types of new homes and the potential benefits they might gain by choosing one type over the other.  If you are interested in purchasing a new home and are trying to decide between a custom built home and a builder's spec house, this information can help you decide which one is right for you.

3 Chimney Issues That Require Immediate Repair

A fireplace can be an excellent source of heat during the cold winter months, but when you have a fireplace in your home, it is essential to ensure that the chimney is in good condition. The chimney plays a vital role in ensuring that smoke and fumes from a fire in your fireplace exit your home properly. Unfortunately, chimneys can experience a number of issues, especially if they are not regularly maintained.