Is It Time To Repair Your Roof Or Replace It?

When storms start knocking more than a couple shingles off your roof it is time to start seriously considering getting some work done on it. However, you are going to have two options—replace just the part that is failing, or strip the whole thing and lay new shingles. Which option you choose depends on several factors. Can You Afford to Do the Whole Roof Right Now? Budget is a big consideration for any major home project.

When Not To Use Chemical Drain Cleaners And What To Do Instead

If you suddenly have a clogged drain or you've been dealing with a slow moving pipe for some time now, don't break out the bottles of drain cleaner just yet. Luckily, there are a few situations in which it's alright to use those commercial products. But you need to know when and why they're a definite no-no to avoid unnecessary repairs and even health risks. Here are the circumstances in which you shouldn't use chemical drain cleaners and how to safely clear your pipes instead.

How To Replace A Broken Rain Gutter

Most homeowners don't spend a lot of time thinking about rain gutters. Your gutter works in the background, channeling water away from your home. While the occasional cleaning is typically enough to maintain them, a full-on break due to high winds or falling objects necessitates swift replacement. If gutters are left broken, water can and will channel down onto your house, creating the risk for foundation and siding damage over time.

Know How To Prevent Asphalt Damage In Santa Fe Summers With These Important Facts

Everyone who lives in Santa Fe knows just how hot and varied the city's climate can get in the summer. Lovely weather is just one thing that draws people to New Mexico from all over the world, whether to stay for the winter or to live year-round. Unfortunately, the desert climate often has an unwanted side effect of causing damage to asphalt. Whether it's your driveway or parking lot, understanding how you can prevent this damage can go a long way to saving you money on costly repairs.

How Can You Efficiently Heat & Cool a Small Home?

If you're planning to downsize to a smaller house in the next few years, you are likely happy to see that small, efficient homes are beginning to buck the McMansion trend. The increasing popularity of smaller, less expensive homes should help your home maintain and increase its resale value throughout your retirement years. However, if you've grown accustomed to living in a larger home, you may feel lost when it comes time to select a HVAC system for your smaller home.