Buying An Industrial Transformer? Consider These Factors When Picking One

An industrial transformer is used to convert one power voltage to another power voltage. Typically, it is used to take a high voltage from one area and convert it to a lower voltage that is safe to power items in your industrial space. However, it can also increase the voltage as needed. If you are looking to purchase an industrial transformer, you may be unsure as to what differs one transformer from another.

Water Reclamation And Purification Services Where Mining Is Concerned

Mining uses a lot of water to disperse silt, soil, and sand. In places where mines are opened up, many people living close to the mines are rightfully concerned about mining practices. Their well water can be affected by the mining company's ability to keep the ground water clean and safe for human consumption.  Most mining companies are already working hard to protect the environment and protect ground water and nearby bodies of water.

Going Green To Work Your Green: Lawn Care Equipment That Uses No Gas Or Oil

There are so many choices in lawn care equipment, including the new "green" options. In case you are not familiar with the new lawn equipment that requires no gas and no oil, these machines run on electricity and/or rechargeable batteries. Additionally, there are several yard tool manufacturers that have made "sets" of yard care tools that all use the same power source. Here are some examples of these amazing new "

Three Essential Tools For Refinishing A Bathtub Yourself

If you're not happy with the look of your bathtub but you don't want the expense of buying a new one, a happy medium to consider is bathtub refinishing. Over the course of an afternoon, you can coat the surface of the tub with a paint of your desired color to give this bathroom fixture a new look. By the time you're done, it may look as though you've replaced the tub, but your bank account will definitely know the difference.

2 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Planning A Rooftop Garden

If you live in an urban area and have no yard to landscape, you may be thinking about starting a rooftop garden. However, before you ask permission from your landlord and begin the planning process, ask yourself the following questions about the feasibility of starting your garden. Will the Roof Support the Added Weight? The first thing you should ask yourself is about the structural integrity of the building and the roof on which you will be planting your garden.