4 Reasons To Use Glass Balusters Infills On Your Custom Deck Railings

When you build a new deck, you want to pay attention to all the details of the deck. The railings you choose for your deck will really help define how your deck looks. When it comes to your railings, you should consider a custom deck railing with glass baluster infills.

Reason #1: Use Whatever Material You Want for the Railings

With a glass baluster infills, you can use whatever material you want for the railings. For the top and bottom railings and the posts, you can use a material that matches or complements your deck.

For example, if you made your deck out of cedar, you can make the top and bottom railings and posts out of cedar with glass baluster railings as the infill instead of having lots of cedar posts. Or if you want to create some contrast with your deck, you can use a metal base for your railings with glass baluster railings.

Reason #2: Enjoy the Scenery

With glass baluster infills, you can use whatever material you want for the top and bottom railings as well as the posts. With the glass baluster infill, you will be able to enjoy the view through the railings.

With a glass infill, your railing will not block your view, making it easier for you to enjoy the view when you are sitting down and more level with your railings. Glass infills allow you to have a protective railing around your home, while at the same time, they don't interfere with your view.

Reason #3: Block the Wind

Finally, a glass baluster infill on your deck railing is a great choice because it will help to reduce the wind. The infill can act as a barrier against the window.

Glass baluster railings are often used on lakefront homes, where the wind blows up off the lake while allowing you to easily enjoy a great view as well. Glass baluster infills can help make your deck a little more comfortable.

Reason #4:  Great Alternative to Glass Panels

Finally, glass baluster infills are a great alternative to glass panels. You can purchase glass baluster infills in different shapes. You can purchase a straight, bevelled edge–shaped infill, or you can use an hourglass style design. Instead of using a flat piece of glass, you will be able to use a glass material with a little more personality and style.

When you build your new deck, consider using glass baluster infills on your custom deck railings. Glass baluster infills will allow you to enjoy the scenery and block the wind, while being paired with other building materials to create a great looking custom deck. 

For more information about glass baluster railings, contact a professional.