3 Types Of Fireplaces And Some Advantages And Disadvantages Of Each

Have you ever wanted a cozy fireplace in your home? Do you wish that you could have one to cuddle up next to on cold winter evenings? Your dream can definitely be a reality, no matter what type of home you have. Even if you never thought that a fireplace would actually work in your house, there could still be a number of options available to you. A few advantages and disadvantages of some of the various types of fireplaces are as follows:

Traditional fireplace: A wood-burning fireplace is the most traditional type. It's the one that most people probably think of when they are considering fireplaces. It can also be one of the most tedious to maintain because you have to have it cleaned out by a professional on a yearly basis and you also have to deal with all of the ashes when the fire itself has burnt out. If your heart is set on this type of fireplace, one of your local fireplace installation services can assess your home and let you know if this type can be added or if you're going to have to settle for one of the other types of fireplaces instead.

Electric fireplace: An electric fireplace can be put almost anywhere, including in a currently-disused traditional fireplace. You don't usually need the assistance of any fireplace installation services but their help can make the installation look more natural and more like a traditional fireplace. While electric fireplace technology has come a long way, with many electric fireplaces looking almost indistinguishable from a traditional fireplace in a lot of ways, not all are like that. Some of the cheaper fireplaces are still little more than a glowing light attached to an electric heater. If you want a realistic-looking electric fireplace, you should be prepared to spend significantly more money on one.

Gas fireplace: A gas fireplace covers several different varieties. It may be powered by propane, natural gas, or even kerosene. Kerosene ones are often small table-top versions that need no installation at all. But if you want a larger one to curl up around, you're going to need to hire one of your local fireplace installation services. Like a traditional fireplace, you need to have good ventilation so that you're not breathing in carbon monoxide. But like an electric fireplace, you can turn a gas fireplace on and off with little more than the flick of a switch. Because a gas fireplace burns fuel of some kind to produce a flame, this is often an even more realistic option than an electric fireplace.

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