Why Asphalt Is A Good Material For Your Small Parking Lot

Asphalt is a durable material that's suitable for highways, parking lots, and private driveways. Its properties can be enhanced depending on the use for the asphalt. For instance, an industrial area that's used by heavy trucks would be built thicker and sturdier than the asphalt used for your small office parking area. Planning and effort go into asphalt paving so you get the best results and a longer life out of your parking lot. Here are some qualities of asphalt that make it a good choice for a small business parking lot.

Asphalt Has Flexibility To Withstand Cracking

One good feature of asphalt is that it has a flexible nature. This allows the asphalt to move slightly as the soil under it expands and contracts. The ability to move with the base keeps the asphalt from cracking so it has a longer life and needs fewer repairs.

Asphalt Keeps Out Water To Prevent Base Erosion

Some parking lots are made with permeable or porous asphalt for the management of stormwater. However, most lots are traditionally made with asphalt that resists water.

While some water may seep into the asphalt, water is kept from reaching the soil underneath and causing destruction unless there are holes and cracks in the surface. Adding a sealcoat on top of the parking lot, which is a common practice, adds further protection against rain and standing water on the lot.

Asphalt Has Skid Resistance To Reduce Accidents

Skid resistance is more important on a highway than in a parking lot, but it's still one of the important features of asphalt. Asphalt doesn't have a smooth surface since it's made of aggregate that's bound together.

While the surface of your lot might appear smooth, it actually has grooves and valleys that allow better traction for tires in the rain. This inhibits skidding that could lead to accidents when someone is driving too fast in your parking lot while it's raining.

Asphalt Has Durability For A Long Life

Asphalt is a durable material that lasts a long time when cared for properly. Your small office parking lot could last for many years since it probably won't get a lot of heavy traffic.

When asphalt cracks, the cracks are easy to repair. You can even keep the lot dark and attractive with regular sealcoating, and applying a sealcoat is one of the important steps for protecting your parking lot. The coating blocks UV damage and fading while acting as a rain barrier.

With a sealcoat and minor repairs, an asphalt parking lot should last for many years and be much more attractive than a bare lot or one made of gravel. For more information, contact an asphalt paving service such as http://www.phend-brown.com.