Keeping Your Vehicles On The Road With Fleet Management

Both small and large companies depend on their vehicles to get people where they need to be or to get specific work done. Keeping those vehicles on the road is tough, especially if you have a large fleet to worry about. Sometimes trying to manage the fleet yourself is not practical but instead, you may want to hire a company to do it for you. 

What is Monitored?

A fleet management company will oversee all the cars, trucks, and equipment that your company owns. The company will keep track of the maintenance of the vehicles; they can track the fuel cost of that vehicle, and keep a record of the repairs for the car or truck. Some fleet management companies repair the vehicles the oversee, while others send the work out.

Is Fleet Management Expensive?

The cost of fleet management is typically related directly to the fleet size and the intricacy of the things that need overseeing. A company with a smaller fleet may not spend as much as one that has hundreds of cars or trucks in the fleet.  The best option is to talk with the management company about your fleet and what you need them to manage for you. You may be able to work with the management company to set up a custom package for your company's needs.

Replacing Vehicles

One of the tasks that may fall under fleet management is the replacement of vehicles at a specific age or mileage level. It is important that you keep the cars you have in your fleet on the road but when they get to the point that they cost more to repair then it is worth, sending the car to auction and replacing it with a new one may be the way to go. If you chose to give your fleet management company the power to make that decision, you might have to stipulate that vehicles are replaced on if with the approval of you or whoever oversee the finances of your company. 

Price or Brand

When you are ready to replace a vehicle, one of the things the fleet management company can tell you, is how the car or truck you are replacing did performance and durability wise. You might want to look at a different brand if the vehicle was in the shop a lot, but if it was very dependable and inexpensive to operate, a direct replacement might be the way to go. In either case, the fleet management company that is overseeing your vehicles will be able to help you determine the best option.