Protecting A Home's Basement Against Water Damage

Water damage can require extremely expensive repairs to correct. However, it is easy to overlook some of the causes of water damage that can occur to your home. In particular, the basement is one area of a home that can be especially vulnerable to suffering from water that is often overlooked.

Know The Potential Warning Signs Of Basement Water Damage

If you do not spend a lot of time in the basement, you may fail to spot some of the warning signs of water damage occurring. This makes it beneficial to spend a few moments checking the basement for signs of water stains, mold, puddles and any other indication that water damage is occurring. Often, homeowners will assume that water damage to the basement will only occur as a result of major flooding or rupture plumbing lines. Yet, condensation can lead to sizable moisture exposure. Some basements may also be at risk of water entering through cracks in the walls or foundation.

Avoid Attempting To Waterproof Your Basement Without Hiring Professionals

You might assume that it will be easy to waterproof your own basement. However, there are many steps and evaluations involved with waterproofing a basement, and any mistakes that are made can compromise the effectiveness of the waterproofing efforts. Hiring a professional can ensure that any and all of the sources of moisture are identified and corrected. This is particularly important when you will need to install sump pumps, dehumidifying systems or other complex moisture control devices.

Be Mindful Of Any Landscaping Changes That Are Made Near The Home

The landscaping around the home can have a major impact on the risk of water damage occurring to the basement. If you make changes that drastically reduce the presence of plants or reduce the drainage of the soil around the home, you may increase the risk of moisture soaking into the basement. For those that already have drainage issues around the home, there can be improvements that may help to move water away from the home. By being aware of the connection between the landscaping and the basement's risk of moisture problems, you can make more informed and effective choices about both.

Waterproofing the basement can be necessary for eliminating the need for major repairs. When homeowners are unaware of the numerous potential causes of moisture problems for the basement, the need to have a professional do this work as well as the fact that the landscaping around your home may impact the basements risk of water damage can inhibit their ability to prevent this type of damage from occurring.