Pros And Cons Of Having Windows In Your Games Room

If you're designing a custom home, a games room might be on the list of rooms that you want to include. Instead of playing games in your living room or basement, actually having a dedicated space for a long list of activities can be pleasing for your entire family, as well as neighbors and friends. Pool, darts, arcade games, card games, and a variety of other similar pastimes can all be the prime attraction in this room, which you can plan to have built in any part of your home. When you plan this space, you'll need to decide whether you want windows to be present. Here are some pros and cons.

Pro: Natural Light

Many people opt to have their games room situated somewhere in the basement. One of the challenges of the basement is the lack of natural light, so having some windows in your games room — even if they're small — can dramatically improve the look of the space. You may find that you're more drawn to spend time in this space because the natural light is cheerier. By way of contrast, a low-light space may not have the same appeal to your family.

Con: Challenges With Glare

If you're a family that loves video games, you might have a variety of arcade games or even a projector screen set up for your console gaming. The trouble with windows in this space is that the sunlight that passes through them can cause glare. It's difficult to play games when there's a glare on the screen, so it often makes more sense to close the drapes over the windows. If you envision keeping the drapes closed, you might question why you'd add windows in the first place.

Pro: A Reminder Of The Time

People often talk about how the lack of windows in casinos is designed to keep patrons from noticing the time, and thus encourage them to gamble more. You might enjoy the games in your games room, but you probably don't want them to interfere with your daily life. When you talk to your custom home builder about putting windows in the room, you'll always have a reminder of what time of day it is. For example, the setting sun may remind you to wrap up your gaming and make dinner.

Con: Reduced Wall Space

Games enthusiasts often love a lot of wall space from which to hang things. Whether you're putting games-related devices — such as a dartboard — on your wall or you want to hang your favorite posters to further customize this space, windows will cut into the amount of wall space that you have. You'll need to balance these pros and cons and share your thoughts with your custom builder.