Going Green To Work Your Green: Lawn Care Equipment That Uses No Gas Or Oil

There are so many choices in lawn care equipment, including the new "green" options. In case you are not familiar with the new lawn equipment that requires no gas and no oil, these machines run on electricity and/or rechargeable batteries. Additionally, there are several yard tool manufacturers that have made "sets" of yard care tools that all use the same power source. Here are some examples of these amazing new "green" lawn care tools.

Electric Corded Equipment

For this type of lawn equipment, everything has a cord. It all has to be plugged in via an extension cord in order to work. The really nice aspect to this type of equipment is that you never need to scrape change together to buy gas to start the tools. You simply plug everything from your lawn mower to your weed whacker into an outdoor outlet and do the yard work.

Rechargeable Battery "Sets"

There are some tool manufacturers that have redesigned its series, or "sets," of power yard tools to use the exact same rechargeable battery. If you buy the lawnmower, the weed whacker, the hedge trimmers, the chainsaw, and the edger, guess what? The same rechargeable battery fits into every one of these tools and operates all of them just long enough to finish most of your yard work tasks.

Extra Rechargeable Batteries for the Yard Tools

Better still, you can purchase extra rechargeable batteries for your battery-powered tools. You can choose from NiCad (nickel cadmium) or Lithium ion batteries, depending on which set of tools from which manufacturer you have chosen. Most people prefer the lithium ion batteries and tools because lithium ion batteries hold a charge longer, but that is up to you.

Choosing Corded vs. Rechargeable Battery Systems

A particularly nice feature about all electric yard equipment is that it not only cuts out dirty gas and oil fumes and air pollution, but it also cuts out noise pollution. Regardless of whether you choose the corded or rechargeable battery systems, both types of electrical yard equipment run much quieter than gas-powered systems. No doubt, less noise will make your neighbors happy if and when you choose to operate your lawn mower or weed whacker at 8 a.m. on a Saturday!

As for choosing which type of electrical system, some people often worry that they will run over the extension cord when mowing the lawn, or cut through it when using a chainsaw. If you have the same fear, then opt for the rechargeable battery system instead.

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