Outdoor AC Unit Leaning To One Side? Secure It With These Tips

Although it's fall, it's important to protect your outdoor air conditioning unit from problems. But if the unit leans to one side or sinks into the soil, take steps to secure it now. The unit's heavy weight can pull on the wires and hoses connected to it. If these parts break, it can cause significant problems with your cooling system next year. Here's how you secure your leaning or sinking outdoor unit and why.

What Could Happen to Your Unit?

The outdoor unit is called a condensing unit or condenser. The unit is designed to receive and remove heat from the large air handler unit inside your home. The unit must remain in an upright position to function or operate properly. If the condenser unit isn't securely placed on the ground, it may tip over and yank loose the wires and hoses connected to it. Both units can shut down and possibly fail if this happens.

The condenser unit can lean or sink from several things, including unstable soil. If the soil around and beneath the unit is like clay or organic soil, it can hold water once it's wet. Once the soil dries out, it may be too weak to support the condenser unit's weight.

You want to keep your condenser unit safe by securing the ground and soil beneath it.

How Do You Secure Your Unit?

If possible, check or have someone check the condition of your soil. If the soil is weak or unstable, try to replace it with something stronger, such as granular soil or sand. Also, secure the soil with pebbles, rocks, or another natural substance that allows water to drain from the soil properly.

You can also secure the condenser unit with a concrete pad. Concrete is used to secure many applications, including outdoor AC units. The pad not only keeps the unit upright, it protects it from tilting and sinking.

Because concrete air conditioning pads are thick and heavy, ask a concrete contractor to install your pad for you. A contractor can safely lift up your condenser unit and place the padding beneath it. If a contractor doesn't install pads directly, you may need to contact an air conditioning specialist to help you.

After you secure your unit with a concrete pad, monitor it and the soil beneath it throughout the year. Repair or secure both the soil and unit immediately to avoid issues in the future.

You can find the concrete padding you need by contacting a concrete contractor today. Visit a site like http://unitstepjoliet.com/ for more help.