Landscaping Care Tips For First-Time Homeowners

It is often assumed that meeting the maintenance needs of your landscaping will be harmful to environment. While it is possible for this aspect of home ownership to be damaging to the environment, there are strategies that homeowners can use to help minimize the strain that their landscaping activities put on the environment without compromising its aesthetics.

Be Mindful Of The Water And Nutrient Needs Of The Plants You Are Considering

If you are currently in the process of changing the plants that are on your property, you will want to be extremely mindful of the plants that you have placed on your property. For example, some individuals will have a preference for exotic plants, and while these plants can be appealing, they may have intense care needs due to being native to a different climate. By limiting your choice of plants to those that are local or from environments that are almost identical to yours, it is possible to greatly reduce the need for fertilizers, pesticides and intensive daily waterings.

Upgrade Your Irrigation System

Watering the plants that are found on your property can be one of the most essential tasks for you to do. This is particularly important during periods when there is little rainfall. Unfortunately, watering with basic garden hoses can be very wasteful due to their inaccuracy and tendency to damage plants from the force of impact. You will be able to greatly reduce the amount of watering that you must do by opting to have a high-quality sprinkler system installed. These systems are often able to be programmed so that you can fully customize the frequency and length of waterings for your property.

Use Organic Pest Control Tips

Preventing pests from causing extensive damage to the various plants and grasses will require you to treat the property. Unfortunately, pesticides can be extremely harmful to the environment, pets and they can harm animals that feed on the pests. Fortunately, you will be able to prevent pests without needing to use these dangerous chemicals as there are many organic solutions for preventing pests from damaging your property. For example, it is possible to use ground eggshells to prevent caterpillars and slugs from targeting your plants. Mice and rabbits can be driven from your property by applying synthetic or natural predator urine around the perimeter of your property. Moths and snakes can both be discouraged from targeting your property by strategically placing mothballs in the crawlspaces, tool sheds or other areas that can be prone to these pests.

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