Five Signs You're Probably Ready To Build A Custom Home

Have you been dreaming about the possibility of building your dream home? Not a castle in the Hamptons with horses and tennis courts, but a realistic home for you and your family with your stamp of approval? If you've been toying with the idea but still wonder if a custom build is the right solution, look no further. Take a look at these 5 signs that it's definitely time to build and enjoy living in a custom home.

You're Not Happy Where You Live Right Now

It may be time to start designing a new home if you're just not satisfied with where you live. It's more than just a matter of disliking your current home, although that's part of it. Maybe you're tired of your community, or the neighborhood has undergone a shift in demographics in some way. What was once a street full of happy kids playing outdoors is now too empty and quiet. You might want a change of scenery or climate altogether. Whatever the reason, if you no longer enjoy your location, perhaps it's time to take the plunge and look at building in a new city or an entirely different state.

You Don't Have The Same Style

If you purchased your existing home more than 10 years ago, your style may now be different from what it was when you first went house-hunting. Home architecture styles are always evolving. There may be several things about your current home you no longer admire like the closed floorplan, the placement of the stairs, that rustic exterior finish, and the style and number of windows. If you feel ready to experience a complete change of style, it may be time to build a custom home to fit your new style.

There Seems To Be Less Room

If you wish you had additional square footage in your home but have no options for building out, it may be time to move on. You might want additional storage space, more bedrooms for children, in-laws, or guests, or room for your office or hobby. Maybe your spouse wants a bigger garage. When you find that there seems to be less space for your needs or wants, it could be time to upgrade to a larger, better-defined home.

You Mentally Add To Your List Of Changes

You probably have a mental list of things about your home you would like to change someday. Knock out a wall here and there to make a room bigger, or install a kitchen island. You might love having a sliding door instead of French doors leading to the backyard. It could be as simple as changing all the light fixtures or baseboards throughout your home. These improvements add up over time and could end up over-valuing your home for your neighborhood. If you are starting to forget items on your change list because it is so long, it may be time to start over and build a custom home exactly the way you wish.

You've Been Adding Up Figures In Your Head

If you're been looking at homes online that closely match your dream home, you may already have an idea how much you can afford to spend on a custom home. Often the cost of building is comparable to that of an existing home on the market. The only difference is you control the design and floorplan from the beginning.

A custom home might seem initially overwhelming, but the end result is worth it. The truth is you don't have to settle for living in a home you no longer love, in an area you wish you could change. If your home feels too small or just not like home anymore, you are ready to build a custom home.

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