3 Ways You Can Avoid A Bad Paint Job In Your Home

Residential painting might seem like one of the easiest tasks an amateur can take on in a remodeling project, but there are several things that could go wrong. Due to the high profile of the paint in a room, any mistakes that are made will likely be noticeable. If you are planning to paint your interior yourself, here are some ways you can avoid mistakes.  

Do Not Use Latex Over Oil 

One of the biggest mistakes that amateur painters make is using a latex paint over an oil-based paint. Without the oil-based paint, the latex can adhere to the wall. However, the oil-based paint is too slick for it to stick. As a result, the latex paint is easily removed. Just attempting to wash the wall could result in the latex paint coming off.  

If you want to use both products, you can apply the latex first and then the oil-based paint. For the best results, rely on an acrylic latex and try sanding the walls first to improve the chances of the paint adhering.  

Avoid Choosing Paint Based on Price 

Even though you are likely painting the walls yourself because you want to save money, buying cheap paint is not the way to do it. Cheap paint might not deliver the results that you desire. The paint might also be thinner and require more coats of paint, which means you will end up spending more money to get the desired result.  

Buying quality paints from the start might be more expensive, but it will likely give you the coverage needed without having to apply several coats of paint. You also have the added advantage of having a paint job that will last longer than a lower quality product.  

Wait to Apply Another Coat 

In your quest to be finished with the painting as soon as possible, it might be tempting to apply the second coat before the first coat has dried. Unfortunately, since the first coat is not dry, going over it with the brush again could result in problems. For instance, your brush could create stroke marks in the paint that will ruin the job. You could be forced to remove the paint and start all over.  

The way to avoid this is to wait until the time recommended by the manufacturer. At the least, you should wait at least 24 hours to allow it to sufficiently dry.  

To make sure your paint job is right the first time, consider hiring a contractor. He or she knows all of the missteps that could ruin a paint job and how to avoid them.