3 Things to Look for When Choosing a Company to Replace Your Skylight Glass

If you're tired of looking at the scratches and general wear on your old skylight, it's time to consider having the glass replaced. Not only will a new skylight window give your home a new look and feel, but it will eliminate any current or potential leaks due to wear and tear. Here are a few important things to look for when choosing a service provider to purchase your new skylight window from and hire to install it:

Energy Efficiency and UV Protection

An important feature to look for when choosing a company to purchase your skylight glass from and hire for installation is energy efficiency and UV protection. They should offer a variety of glass options that will protect the interior of your home from harmful UV rays while minimizing heat loss and gain throughout the year.

Look for a company that carries a line of Energy Star rated skylight windows as they will protect your floors, walls, and furniture while helping reduce your energy costs by as much as about 12 percent. At the very least, the service provider you decide to work with should carry treated window glass that filters ultraviolet rays.

Same-Day Installation

Because you aren't asking your service provider to install new windows throughout your entire home, they should be able to provide you with same-day installation – even if for an extra fee. Furthermore, look for a company to work with that is willing to complete the project based on your family's specific schedule instead of the other way around. If you prefer a weekend installation to ensure that an adult is there to supervise, it shouldn't be a problem.

If you need to schedule an evening appointment that may last into the night, you should be able to do so. Create a list of three or four different dates and times that installation would work well for you before consulting with prospective service providers so you can present it to them and ensure that they'll be available to meet your needs.

Labor Guarantees

Another thing to consider when deciding which prospective service provider to work with is labor guarantees, as you shouldn't have to worry about paying for repairs or updates down the line due to a mishap or dysfunction that could have been prevented during the initial installation of your skylight window. While the chances are small that something will go wrong when working with a reliable company, the installers are only human and mistakes can be made however small.

So, make sure that the service provider you buy your skylight glass from and hire to install it is confident enough in their skills that they offer a labor guarantee that will protect you in the case of an accident or dysfunctional performance.

Making sure that your service provider offers these features should help result in a stress-free experience overall. Learn more about skylight glass through companies like Central Glass Company.