Tips For Keeping Your Gutters In Great Shape

It is important to make sure that you are doing everything you can in order to keep the gutters on your property in the best possible shape. Otherwise, you could end up with roof and foundation problems. To help avoid such issues, you will want to start by making use of the following suggestions.

Keep Up With Cleaning Them

You will want to clean your gutters a few times a year. This is because nearby trees can cause small twigs and leaves to land on your roof and right into the gutter. These things, along with dead bugs and anything else that might make its way in there, can cause a blockage in the gutter. This will prevent the proper draining of rain water or melted snow. The water will then build up until it begins to pour right over the edge of the gutter. When this happens, all of the water is going to continue to land on one spot on the ground, right by your foundation. Over time, this can lead to problems with your foundation.

Replace Brackets As Needed

Whether it is due to the age of the brackets or because of a previous clog in the gutter that caused excess weight to pull on the gutter, you may find that you need to replace some brackets. This only needs to be done when you notice that there is one or more brackets bending, breaking, or already disconnected from the roof line. All you need is some fasteners and new brackets, which you should be able to easily find at your local hardware store.

Add A Gutter Shield

You can call in a roofer or general contractor and have him or her add a gutter shield. These are usually screens with very small holes, and they go over the top of the gutters. This will allow the water to enter the gutter, while keeping a lot of the debris out of it. This should cut down on how often you have to clean out the gutter. It will also increase the life span of the gutter, since you will not have to worry as much about an excess amount of weight pushing on the gutter from the inside of it.

While you may still have to replace the gutters someday, such as when you put on a new roof, you can use the previously mentioned suggestions to make the current ones last as long as possible.