Create A Colorful Design On A Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence can be a great structure to use to create a colorful design. You can make square acrylic tiles to hang in the spaces between the chain links to create an interesting image or design. To create an image or design on your chain link fence, do the following:

Make a Drawing and Plan Your Design:  Count the spaces on your chain link fence where you wish to place a design. Next, make a drawing of those spaces. With colored pencils or markers, color in the spaces on your drawing to plan your design. Count the different colors of acrylic tiles that you will need for your design. This drawing will be your pattern and guide throughout the project.

Measure Your Fence:  Measure the opening between the wires of your chain link fence. Subtract 1/4 inch from each side of that measurement to get the exact size of the acrylic tiles that you will need to make to easily fill the openings. 

Purchase Acrylic Sheeting:  Once you have your design planned and your tiles counted, purchase 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch thick acrylic glass, at your local hardware store in the colors of your design. 

Cut the Acrylic Tiles:  With a straight edge and a sharp metal awl, divide your acrylic sheets into the correct number and size of tiles that you need. With a jig saw, cut your tiles out of the acrylic sheets. You can also hand cut your tiles by using an acrylic cutting tool found at any hardware store. To use an acrylic cutting tool, scribe deep lines where you wish to cut the acrylic sheet. Once you have your acrylic sheet deeply scribed, hold both sides of the sheet and snap it along the scribed lines. After cutting, round the corners of your acrylic tiles with a metal file so that they easily fit within the spaces of your chain link fence.

Drill and Wire the Acrylic Tiles:  With an electric drill, make two holes in opposite corners of each acrylic tile. Smooth each hole with a round metal file. Insert a short length of bendable wire, approximately 2.5 inches long, in each of the holes. After inserting one end of the wire, twist it and wrap it around itself to hold the acrylic tile securely. Allow the other end of the wire to hang loosely. 

Install the Acrylic Tiles:  Place the acrylic tiles in the spaces between the chain links according to your drawing. Tie the acrylic tiles into the fence by wrapping the ends of the bendable wires around the crossings of the chain link fence wires. 

By using a combination of transparent and opaque acrylic tiles, you can create a design that will allow you to see through the chain link fence in some areas and block out the view in other areas. Whatever design or type of acrylic tiles you make and use, you can create a design on your chain link fence that will get much attention from your neighbors, guests, and visitors that pass by your property.