Tips For Limiting Water Waste With A Swimming Pool

A swimming pool will take a lot of water to completely fill, which may cause you to feel a bit guilty about the water that you use. When water conservation is on your mind, make sure to follow these tips.

Avoid Horseplay

If your kids enjoy being a little rowdy in the swimming pool, you could be losing a ton of water just from the splashing. You can limit the amount of water loss from horseplay by getting your kids to stop doing it, or simply not filling the pool to the very top. Leave some room so that the water is not flowing over the top when it gets moving, and you'll use less water.

Use A Pool Cover

Evaporation is a huge cause of the loss of water in a swimming pool. Thankfully, pool covers are able to save you from losing 7,000 gallons every year in water. If you want to save money, there are solar covers that will heat the pool as well. This small investment could help you conserve a ton of water over the years.

Fix Leaks

Leaks are another cause of water loss. If you are worried that you're losing a lot of water through a leak, you can do a small test by filling up a bucket of water and placing it next to your pool. Make note of where the water is at in the pool and the bucket, and check it after a few days. Did the water in the pool drop more inches than the water in the bucket? If so, that means there is a leak in the pool. A pool that is not leaking should have water that evaporates at the same rate, even though the bucket that contains water is much smaller.

Filter The Water

When the water has become really dirty or stagnant, don't feel like you need to drain the entire pool and fill it back up with fresh water. There are pool filtration companies that will run all of your pool water through a filter to make it ready for swimming again.

Recycle The Water

When the summer is winding down, you can actually recycle the water in your pool and use it for watering plants. Just stop putting all chemicals in the water, and after a week or so, the chlorine and pH levels will fall enough to make it safe for watering.

For more water conservation tips, speak to a swimming pool contractor at a company such as Nassau Pools Construction Inc.