Design A Beautiful Garden Path For Your Yard

If you have a standard lawn, you may be thinking about adding some more decorative plant life. Alternatively, perhaps your yard simply needs some landscaping. Garden plantings can beautify your yard and even add a little privacy. However, consider installing a path through your garden to make the plant life even more enjoyable.

Choose the Materials

A garden path should feel casual and even a little rustic. For that reason, pavers are a good material option. You have many different choices in pavers, from simple concrete squares to those that resemble stone. If your home is modern, consider selecting geometric concrete pavers. For a slightly more formalized look, opt for muted and tumbled rustic pavers. For a naturalistic appearance, select pavers that look like flagstone.

Plant the Garden

What your garden design looks like depends on your climate, soil and space. The best bet is to talk to your local garden experts about which plants will thrive in your yard. From there, plan how much space you want to allot to a garden. Next, mark out the garden locale with a trail of water dusted in flour, and use this as a guideline for the area to turn over. Wet the area down well, and mix in mulch and fertilizer. Finally, before planting, place the potted plants around the area in your target design.

Set the Path's Course

Once you have your garden at least planned, set the course for your path. As the Landscaping Network points out, a curved path works well for a casual garden. Even if the actual route is a straight shot, design at least a gentle curve. Plan to plant a mid-sized shrub or otherwise bushy plant in the curve. Alternatively, set a water feature or garden decoration in that spot. You could even erect a pretty trellis with climbing plants and divert the path to go under it. A curved path not only makes your yard appear more spacious, it encourages guests to meander.

Line the Path

To keep your guests on the path you've created, line the edges. One option for edging is to build up small planter walls. This is especially fetching if you build them out of stacked stone to line a rustic stone path. Another option is to select pretty flowers to serve as the border. If you want a more naturalistic path, line it with native plants and ground cover.

Design a beautiful garden and a path for enjoying it to enhance the look of your yard.

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