3 Ways A Tree Service Company Can Improve Your Yard And Your Home

Tree service companies offer a wide variety of services, some of which can often be beneficial for both your yard and your home. In fact, by using both the services and knowledge that tree service professionals have to offer, you can add privacy, protection, and even cost-saving features to your home.

Creating Some Much Needed Privacy

Homeowners often enjoy their privacy, which is why shades, blinds, and curtains come in handy. However, you may feel that your home lacks privacy on the outside. For example, sunbathing or relaxing in your backyard may prove difficult if you lack a privacy fence. In some areas, a privacy fence is a restricted feature since it may obstruct your neighbor's view or go against HOA rules and regulations.

Fortunately, there may still be a way for you to obtain the privacy you need thanks to the help of a tree service company. In areas where a privacy fence is restricted, you may still be able to plan a natural privacy fence made of tall shrubs and tall, thin trees. The best way to ensure proper coverage and privacy would be to hire a tree service professional to assist you.

Keep in mind that for maximum coverage all year round, you may want to opt for evergreen trees and shrubs rather than deciduous ones. Deciduous shrubs and trees will provide protection through the warmer months, but their leaves will fall off during the colder months whereas evergreens retain their leaves all year long.

Some evergreens to consider for the use of privacy include:

  • Arborvitae – A popular choice for natural hedgerows because of its tall, narrow appearance.
  • Holly – A fast growing shrub that is ideal for shorter hedgerows, though there are types of holly shrubs that can grow rather tall.
  • Cypress – A tall, thin tree that features scale-like leaves, which provides privacy when planted relative close together.
  • Boxwood – A type of shrub that offers a rounded shape and a lush green appearance that can be used for natural privacy fencing. The boxwood can be trimmed into square or rectangular shapes for a cleaner hedgerow appearance.

Creating Windbreaks for Your Home

Windbreaks created from strategically placed trees can protect your home from wind impacts and lower your home's heating bill. In fact, windbreaks can save an estimated 23% on energy bills compared to homes that do not have windbreaks. Keep in mind that landscaping comes at a price. However, when the landscaping is designed efficiently enough, it can pay for itself within approximately 8 years.

A tree service company often has knowledge regarding landscaping techniques that work best for windbreaks. Additionally, a tree service professional can help you understand which trees work best as a windbreak. If you wish to provide windbreak protection throughout the year, it is best to opt for evergreens since they will provide you with coverage throughout the year. Trees that work best for windbreak scenarios include:

  • Pine
  • Oak
  • Cypress
  • Camphor

Creating a Safer, More Beautiful Yard

Trees can add curb appeal to your home, particularly when they are properly cared for. Of course, trees are prone to various problems such as disease and infestation. A tree that is diseased or attacked by an infestation is far from attractive. Even more unfortunate is the fact that sections of a tree may die off if the disease or infestation is left untreated.

Dead limbs can pose a hazard to both you and your home. The limbs can fall and land on vehicles, play areas, people, or the roof of your home. The damage could end up being rather costly. Fortunately, a tree service company can help you treat the diseased tree and remove any infestations. You can also hire a professional to come in and remove any dead limbs from your tree.

It is highly recommended that you have a professional trim your trees at least once a year to keep limbs at bay. Allowing limbs to grow wildly out of control can make your yard look unattractive. It also means the limbs may grow over portions of your home and pose a threat for potential damages. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you have a professional inspect your trees and provide you with the best possible services for proper tree care.

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