The Little Details Matter: 3 Reasons Why Street Sweeping Is Important For Your Business Parking Lot

Each state and city employs street sweepers to clean the streets and remove debris. Unfortunately, these services are only provided for public properties and do not extend to commercial properties. If you have just laid out a new parking lot for your business, keeping the parking lot clean and looking like new should be a main priority. This can be achieved with street sweepers. If you are wary of subscribing to street sweeping services, here are three reasons why they are more important than you think.

Impress Potential Clients and Consumers by Providing a Good Impression

Did you know that a negative experience resulting from a dirty facility could result in a 39% drop in sales? Making a good first impression is crucial to building a successful business image. With that said, potential clients and consumers are affected by the cleanliness of the parking lot as well. Parking lots that are littered with trash and have uneven surfaces due to a buildup of sand, small pebbles and other particles do not leave a good impression.

Don't let a dirty parking lot cause you to lose business, especially since you paved the parking lot with the intention of providing a better shopping experience. You don't want your investment to have the opposite effect.

Reduce Liability Related to Safety

By law you are responsible for maintaining your parking lot and making sure it is in good condition. You can be held liable for stumbles and falls if the dangerous cause was noted down during regular inspections. Although the law does not specify how you should go about cleaning the parking lot, street sweeping services save a lot of time and money. Pure vacuum sweepers can remove 99% of all particles through suction nozzles and even on rough and uneven surfaces.

If you can prove you have been diligent in cleaning and maintaining your parking lot, you reduce the amount of liability you have for any accidents that may happen. In addition, some insurance companies even offer reduced business premiums on parking lot coverage if you can prove you took the time to hire street sweeping professionals to keep your parking lot as safe as possible.

Preserve the Condition of the Pavement

After all of the money you have invested into paving the perfect parking lot from asphalt, you want to make sure you get the most out of your money. The first signs of wear should appear after 3 to 5 years, but with regular maintenance, the asphalt should last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. Street sweeping plays a crucial role in preventative maintenance.

Pebbles, small rocks, dirt and sand act like sandpaper and will wear down the asphalt whenever a car drives over it. If you don't subscribe to street sweeping services, these particles will remain in your parking lot and will continue to grind down on the asphalt surface day after day. Street sweeping may actually help your business save money in the long run, as the parking lot won't require as much maintenance and as many repairs.


All in all, street sweeping services are not only for streets, but also extend to parking lots and other commercial properties. These professional cleaning services have the equipment and tools needed to keep your parking lot clean and looking like new. If you think about it, street sweeping services are definitely well worth their cost, as they help negate additional expenses. Shop around to find the best deals and look for street sweeping services that will dispose of the garbage for you, so you can invest more time into your business. For more information, see