3 Reasons To Choose Spray Foam Insulation Over Those Familiar Pink Batts

When you are in the middle of a home renovation, your head contractor might pepper you with questions regarding everything from tile colors to insulation types. Although you might be tempted to choose building supplies you are familiar with, some newer materials are far superior to their antiquated cousins. Here are three reasons to choose spray foam insulation over those familiar pink batts, and why you won't regret your choice later:

1:  Seals Off Holes and Cracks

Unlike that fluffy pink fiberglass insulation, which has to be cut and carefully arranged to ward off heat transfer, spray foam is simply sprayed in place—where it expands 100 times its original size. In addition to filling vast spaces in an instant, spray foam sticks to the surrounding surfaces and hardens, so that your home is protected from these villains:

  • Pests: Spray foam can be used to fill cracks and holes leading into your home, so pests won't be able to infest your space. Also, since spray foam doesn't contain any pesticides, it is perfect for homeowners that have allergies to noxious chemicals.  
  • Moisture: All it takes is one rogue baseball to put a crack in that vinyl siding. Unfortunately, damaged home exteriors might let water seep inside, where it can prompt mold growth.
  • Dirt: Bugs and water aren't the only things that can cause trouble for your home. If the wind blows dirt and dust into your walls, it can accumulate around electrical wires and junction boxes. Unfortunately, unclean electrical connections can disrupt the flow of electricity, causing non-functional outlets or lighting.

Because spray foam is less susceptible to so many problems, it tends to last much longer than other varieties. In fact, while traditional insulation lasts around 10-25 years under optimal circumstances, spray foam can last as long as 80 years.

2: You Can Insulate Without Taking Down Drywall

If your house seems drafty, you might be tempted to boost insulation levels while you have contractors working on your renovation. Unfortunately, if you decide to go with traditional insulation, you might have to remove that drywall in addition to your pictures and decorations. In addition to being expensive, installing traditional insulation can be much more time consuming. When your contractor finishes placing those bats, new drywall will have to be installed, taped, sanded, and completely re-painted.

Fortunately, there might be an easier way. Spray foam insulation can be injected through small holes in the drywall, making it easy to add additional filler. After the entire area has been bolstered with a few shots of insulation, your contractor can simply spackle small holes and then spot-paint the area. In addition to being much easier, injecting spray foam might also help you to keep your home cleaner during your renovation—since that dusty drywall won't need to come down. 

3: Spray Foam Stays Put

Most people don't realize it, but traditional insulation can move around over time and become useless. After all, if those batts aren't evenly placed on the inside of your walls, how will they keep the cold out? Fortunately, since spray foam sticks to its surroundings, it will stay in place unless you decide to take it down. Here are a few ways insulation can get moved around, and why spray foam insulation is a better option:

  • Repairs: If you ever need to have an electrical line or pipe snaked through your walls, insulation can get pushed aside. Fortunately, spray foam hardens, so that it won't move during repairs.
  • Ground Movement: If you live in an area prone to ground movement, your insulation can migrate. However, since spray foam insulation is sprayed to custom-fit each space, it will stay put.

By investing in spray foam insulation, you might be able to keep your home a little cozier and fend off future expenses. Visit http://biosenv.com/ to learn more.